Memorable Gap Year Africa Trips Bring You Closer to Flora and Fauna

This is an 8 day expedition to Northern Kenya that avoids the rigorous journey across the Chalbi Desert but still transverses rugged country to the frontiers of Kenya and the Lake Turkana. Transport is by custom built four by four Land cruisers that seat 7 people and accommodation is in more up – market canvas tents that are ferried by purpose-built trucks and pitched in the middle of the African Wilderness to create a private camp with all the facilities of a luxury permanent tented camp.

The Northern Circuit of Tanzania is famous for offering some of the best wildlife viewing opportunities in the whole of Africa. You can ask for a customized Tanzania safari for your family that will take you through some of the best pristine reserves of this animal country. World famous game reserves, such as the Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Crater, offers classic animal viewing opportunities in their natural elements. Tanzania is a unique country, which devotes more land to animal conservation than anyone else does.

The local climate of the Kruger National Park and Lowveld is subtropical. All these treasures symbolize the cultures, people and also events which played a role within the history of the Kruger National Park and therefore are preserved together with the park’s natural assets. Summer days are humid and hot with temperature conditions typically rising to more than 38 C (100 F). The dry winter months are the optimal the perfect time to check out this kind of area for various reasons. The wet season is through September until May.

Samburu is the most beautiful place in terms of different scenery of mountains, rivers, animals and forests. Game drives in Samburu are done in three parks since wildlife is challenging to spot due to the shrubs and short trees that interrupt the savannah grasslands.

Known as “King of the Jungle” for its predatory nature, the Lion, which inhabits the plains of East Africa, is the second largest big cat in the world, smaller only than the Tiger. It’s been estimated that the largest male lion is about 250kg, with the largest female about 168kg; both male and female have the strength to bring down a huge buffalo up to four times their own size.

This enormous, diverse continent comprises 54 countries, each one different. In Europe, after all, we don’t conflate St Paul’s with the Danube or the Cotswolds with Barcelona. But Africa is no more defined exclusively by famine and civil war than it is by lions and elephants. It is far too complex to capture in a single glib characterisation.

This can range from hotels to private lodges for guests who are looking for a luxurious private trip. Some will be available for trips and tours to drive slowly through, and some may also have accommodation built inside them for guests to stay in. There are many different parks and reserves in South Africa for visitors to enjoy a great range of wildlife. This can be a great way to see a fantastic range of animals up close, and you may even be able to find accommodation which offers exclusive facilities such as room service or private tours to make your trip magical. south african tourism brochure Africa has a massive variety of activities and locations for you to enjoy, and you should be able to include as many as you want, to create your perfect safari holiday.

During this safari, you can also come through places like Loita and Chyulu hills along with the Montane forests and some more parks and game reserves. Walking African safaris in Tanzania very well solve the purpose by providing you an opportunity to see exclusive wildlife species like black and white Columbus, antelopes, hyenas, crowned eagles, giant nettles, thorns, vines, lianas, and African monkeys. It also provides an opportunity to visit the remote areas as well as view the popular Serengeti plains and Masai Mara Game reserve of the East Africa. The main purpose of opting an African safari is to come through some rare and exclusive species.

ASouth Africa Safari and Cuisine
The average South Africa safari is a mix of relaxation and appetite-building adventure – and Cape Town is just the place to fuel up. Dubbed South Africas gourmet capital, the city has a wide variety of award-winning restaurants with a list of award-winning wines to complement the dishes. The cultural variety of Cape Town’s history and heritage is also seen in the local cuisine.

The safaris offer you an insight into the culture, history and people of the place. Each of these has been created in such a way as to give you a complete and in-depth view of what this wonderful place has to offer. Besides great days of sightseeing you can come back to hotels that are a destination in their own right. South Africa has always surrounded itself in a shroud of mystery. uk has some wonderful South African safaris to choose from. Classic and luxurious lodging experiences, great food, a range of activities and more are on offer here. It is a place for the adventurous, a place to discover Nature and revel in it its beauty.

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