Avail Uganda Safaris to Get an Insight About Africa’s Wildlife

waterfront lodge south africaTented safari camps and lodges in the Timbavati Reserve have been asked to take photographs of cheetahs seen on game drives or walking safaris, and to record their special individual markings, as well as the time, date, location and group composition of the sighting. The abundance of cheetah’s is to be assessed by means of a photographic survey, whereby individual cheetahs will be recognised by their unique spot patterns utilising spot recognition programs. Safari camps, game rangers and guests visiting the Timbavati reserve have been asked to participate in the survey.

In this scenario one views the decision to introduce African Cheetah in Indian grasslands with trepidation. Relocation per se may not be a problem as Indian wildlifers have acquired some expertise, having relocated a number of tigers to Sariska and Panna Tiger Reserves and some rhinos from Kaziranga National Park to a neighbouring game park. The record of the forest departments of various states in conservation of wildlife, therefore, is nothing to write home about.

Game drives in Samburu are done in three parks since wildlife is challenging to spot due to the shrubs and short trees that interrupt the savannah grasslands. Samburu is the most beautiful place in terms of different scenery of mountains, rivers, animals and forests.

Here are five of the best reserves where you can get the chance to see all of the Big Five animals in their own natural habitat. If you are interested in spending your vacation on a safari then here is some useful South Africa travel advice. Each of the parks are home to a rich abundance of animals, fauna and birds.

Land slopes from the beautiful beaches of the Indian Ocean through the vast interior plains of snow peaks of Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain, the highest free standing mountain in the world – “the Roof of Africa”. About 35 species of plains animals can be seen in the Serengeti, including the so-called “big five” – ? It is located south of the equator. Serengeti savannah – extend into Kenya’s Masai Mara – the greatest concentration of a powerful animal in the world. Enter in Tanzania, East Africa, the country’s largest. rhino, elephant, leopard, buffalo and the African lion as a lion, 1,500 of them!

The alluring spell of the African bush will captivate and enchant even the most jaded traveller.
Whichever way you look at it, South African reserves offer an unsurpassed safari experience that combines social responsibility with incomparable luxury as well as close encounters with a vast diversity of wildlife.

Surrounded by a stunning environment, the waterfalls are some of the most visited tourist attractions and the ideal time to enjoy this tourist attraction is in the spring when the waterfalls have plenty of water. Augrabies Waterfalls
No South African holiday is complete without a visit to these gorgeous waterfalls.

The fastest animal on land, has tall slim legs and with semi-retractable craws. At two points in the stride, no feet touch the ground. This aids the cat in its high speed hunting splints. The spots help to camouflage in its surrounding.

From a young age we all learn that the cheetah is one of Earth’s speediest land mammals, but if you have ever spent time in pursuit of a gazelle, you will know that they too have the ability to easily show you a clean pair of heels. As such, I have been plagued for some time but the poser: who would win in a race between a cheetah and a gazelle?

The coat is generally yellowish with small black spots running throughout its length. The belly, like most cats, is whitish. Evolutionary adaptations that enable Cheetah to generate tremendous speed include large nostrils, heart and lungs (that enable maximum oxygenation during rapid pursuits), big adrenal glands (for the adrenaline rush! Cheetah’s speed means that it can take down prey that most predators don’t even think about – the Springbok is magnificent in its own right and yet can’t evades the Cheetah half the times. ), rudder-like tail (for balancing and rapidly turning to match the clever Thomson gazelle) and non-retractable claws (to provide ‘grip’ on the ground during the chase).

During the Wildebeest Migration, almost two million wild animals including zebras, buffaloes as well as the wildebeests come from Tanzania to look for grass and fresh water. One has to view it through one’s eyes to actually understand how breathtaking and incredible it is.

Wildlife native to Namibia includes leopards, cheetahs, lynx, giraffes and zebras. Local projects work to monitor the predators’ behaviour to see how they can protect both sides. Think about how great this trip would make your CV or job application look to a potential employer. In some areas of Namibia, leopards and cheetahs are being killed by game ranchers who want to protect their livestock. Unfortunately this means that numbers in the region are diminishing. Not to mention it will give you an insight into what life in the field would be like were you to pursue it as a career. Budding biologists will benefit hugely from volunteering in Namibia with the wildlife.

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