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You are sure to be kept very busy when visiting Cape Town, whether in winter or summer. At that time you’ll be able to have all the amazing enjoyment of the urban center, but with a moderate crowd. Due to the animals living in their natural habitat on the game reserve South Africa, you may be fortunate enough to witness lion hunting or feeding, social interactions within elephant herds and you will more than likely see the animals roaming freely on the game reserve South Africa.

South Africa offers an abundant choice of lodges throughout the country, including the most elegant 5-star accommodations set in deserts, plains, forests, and mountains. All set to welcome you to their lands, are the amiable people of the various nations.

The Cradle of Humankind is spread in the area of 47000 hectares. These animals were considered the most dangerous African animals to pursue by the early hunters and thus were named The Big Five. Johannesburg is one of the important South African tourist destinations. Choosing an African dream safari comes down to how much time you have to spend, your budget and whether you want to simply see the big five of the African wildlife scene.

It is essential to have a guide when walking in Big Five territory or even in any territory that has dangerous animals. For those hoping to uncover more about the history and legacy of Cape Town, the District Six Museum is a must. BotswanaWhen Botswana comes up in discussions the Okavango Delta immediately springs to mind. It is also the wealthiest and is also known as the economic powerhouse of Africa.

It also depends on whether you want to enjoy the other attractions Africa has to offer such as, the flora, birdlife and the beaches. Learn about South African history by taking a trip to Robben Island where Nelson Mandela and many other anti-Apartheid activists expended jail terms. Today, the majority of visitors to South Africa are more interested in sharing their time with these animals and enjoying the wonder of their existence.

Johannesburg is the largest city in South Africa. In Africa there is an infinite array of life that roams free into the wonderful natural light of Africa. Safaris have become extremely popular during the past five years and 2008 is expected to see an increase in the number of people looking for a vacation with a difference and a touch of adventure.

The Big Five comprises of the king of the veld being the lion, the tremendous bulk of the elephant, the mysterious leopard, the temperamental black rhino and the herds of buffalo or even the lone dagga boy, a solitary mud-spattered buffalo bull.

One has to view it through one’s eyes to actually understand how breathtaking and incredible it is. The sprawling malls of Sandton in Johannesburg is a must visit for tourists. It is home to important dolomitic caves and is believed that it is the ancestral home of mankind. Animals seen on game reserve South Africa all reside in their natural wild habitat from African valleys, grassy plains, bushvelds, trees, grasses, riverine forests, rich grassland plains and typical African bushveld.

Safaris in Africa are popularly carried out in the winter months as the sightings tend to be far better with this season. The scenery and wildlife viewing opportunities found in South Africa are superb. Johannesburg has trendy suburbs like Norwood and Parktown, here you find many restaurants.

You won’t be going to the water like you might in the hotter months, but there is plenty to keep you energetic. Hunting is still available, however, visitors would need to locate specific farms where hunting is allowed. The winter periods in the renowned South African city are still hectic and pulsing with life and numerous exciting things you can do, but the crowds are perceptibly leaner than in summer time.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the destinations which have the potential to become your African dream safari for 2008! From Malawi to Tanzania, South Africa to Botswana – a number of regions in southern and east Africa host game lodges and safari places where one can come across wildlife like never before. These countries are some of the final places on earth to see free-roaming wildlife in such bountiful profusion.

Imagine rhino tracking or the thrill of a bush walk or horse-back safari and spotting an elephant or lion. South Africa’s world-famous game reserves boast collections of wildlife and birds for nature lovers of all budgets and interests.

Soweto is the biggest town in South Africa which is located south of Johannesburg; in this town you will get to see the rich urban culture of the black people. Packs of painted dogs, crashes of rhinos, cheetah coalitions – a total variety of distinct groups of animals dwell in Africa. A Cape Town winter safari will give you the chance to experience the greatest of the metropolis, nature and all the delights of winter.

The Table Mountain is 1086 meters above the sea level and is good for mountain adventures. During the Wildebeest Migration, almost two million wild animals including zebras, buffaloes as well as the wildebeests come from Tanzania to look for grass and fresh water.

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