About The Great Rift Valley in Africa

In fact it is one of the oldest geological and archaeological places on earth. One may think of Tanzania Safari only for its fascinating wildlife, however, Tanzania is also the site of the Great Rift Valley and the birthplace of humanity. Tanzania is home to some of the best Stone Age sites worldwide with Olduvai Gorge being the most well known.

For this reason the 48 km long gorge is referred as the “cradle of humanity. The Hadzabe Bushmen of North Tanzania is considered as the most ancient genetic heritage of any living people and it has been found that they also converse the oldest form of human language. At Olduvai Gorge, which is also situated in Northern Tanzania, one can see the bones of deepest ancestors as well as the first tools anticipated to be up to 1.

After exploring the wonderful scenery at Bryce and Zion, guests can explore more of the surrounding attractions including Lake Powell, Cedar Breaks National Monument, Red Canyon, Calf Creek Recreation Area and Capitol Reef National Park. Get closer to all the action and attraction at Bryce Canyon National Park and Zion National Park by choosing Bryce View Lodge which gives a breathtaking view of the canyon and lush greenery. The friendly staff of Bryce View Lodge would be more than willing to arrange all tours and activities for its guests including horseback riding, chuck wagon dinners, rodeo and more. This special class hotel is known for its comfortable accommodations and warm hospitality.

The world’s largest inland delta namely the Okavango delta is the best place where a tourist can experience forests, lagoons, plains, and the amazing waterways etc. In this you will visit towards various wild life parks like Chobe national park and Moremi wild life area etc. Botswana tour will offer lots of sight attractions to the tourists. In this area you can also explore vast species of fish in the Okavango Delta region. Many people visit this place for watching several bird species.

Many beaches on Kenya’s sun-kissed Mombasa coast are empty and resorts are half-full on fears that the violence that ripped through the East African country after its last election in 2007 will erupt again when it votes on Monday.

Newlyweds can have one of the most extravagant accommodations offered in the continent with the Vuyani Lodge. The Vuyani lodge is a marvelous safari lodge renowned throughout the southern Africa area. It boasts of a 12-meter eternity pool, a Jacuzzi (special offering for honeymooners exclusively), a specialized meal for every couples with distinct requirements, may it be a candle lit banquet in their chalet terrace or a romantic breakfast overlooking the lovely African topography, or together with a magical stargazing in the evening, retired couples, newlyweds, couples and even families alike can have it all in Vuyani Lodge. For couples and honeymooners the safari vacations package meanwhile offers a one-of-a-kind special escapade.

There are numerous safari lodges South Africa that offer a very small, yet packed out camping adventure in South Africa with the main intention of helping you to spot these, Big 5 at some point of time. They often offer few days of camping and few days in the hotel, once you are in the country. Most of the safari lodges in South Africa or private game lodges in South Africa aim at cashing on exactly this one experience that people round the globe seek.

For at least one day in the year everyone can rejoice. We all love to drape tiny, sparkly lights into the trees in the garden; candles flicker on the table; glittering jewellery given as gifts; the glint of sunshine on the spray of the wave crashing on rocks. It feels good to be a part of something that transcends colours, creeds, hot and cold, north and south. And somehow that’s right.

Carols blare from loud speakers proclaiming Good King Wenceslaus’ trudge through snow-filled forests whilst the temperature soars outside to 30 degrees in the shade. Barbeques take the place of the fireplace and swimming in the sea is a must to cool the fevered brow. It’s certainly a different Christmas to those portrayed in the cards.

A first safari is very exciting and although the planning part can be thrilling it , we can also be confusing as you try to decide where and when to go. It definitely helps to have an expert who can guide you through each step of the process as you plan your perfect South Africa Safari, to help you answer any question you might have.

A dedicated TV channel has to be one of the most unique and attractive ways to keep children in one spot for any length of time. An absolute hit is to be found in the art of culinary prowess with the chef in his kitchen. Their family program is really excellent. The offering covers favourite videos listed by their guests. Imagine meeting with co guests for high tea before your afternoon game drive and wondering why your little ones smile is just SO wide, what have they been up to you may ponder?

It is essential to have a guide when walking in Big Five territory or even in any territory that has dangerous animals. Today, the majority of visitors to South Africa are more interested in sharing their time with these animals and enjoying the wonder of their existence. The Big Five comprises of the king of the veld being the lion, the tremendous bulk of the elephant, the mysterious leopard, the temperamental black rhino and the herds of buffalo or even the lone dagga boy, a solitary mud-spattered buffalo bull. Hunting is still available, however, visitors would need to locate specific farms where hunting is allowed. These animals were considered the most dangerous African animals to pursue by the early hunters and thus were named The Big Five.

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